The Depressive and Bipolar Disorder Alternative Treatment Foundation (the Foundation) is dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from depressive and bipolar disorders by funding research in complementary and alternative therapies.

These therapies are new, underused or existing therapies for new uses. They can include, but are not limited to, chronotherapies, naturaceuticals, cognitive and behaviorial therapies, acupuncture, massage and the use of established pharmaceuticals for new uses in treating depression and bipolar disease. The foundation will also consider therapies that combine standard of care pharmaceuticals with the above treatments.

The Foundation has completed three grant cycles and the following grants have been funded:

Thilo Deckersbach PhD
Harvard Medical School
Putting Sleep Problems to Rest: The Effects of Mindfulness on Disrupted Sleep in Bipolar Disorder

Melissa P. Delbello MD and Sian Cotton PhD
University of Cincinnati
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for the Treatment of Anxiety in Youth with a Familial Risk for Bipolar Disorder

Benjamin I. Goldstein MD PhD
University of Toronto
Adjunctive Curcumin for Symptomatic Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder: Brain and Body Considerations

David E. Kemp MD MS
Case Western Reserve University
Insulin Resistance as a Non-Traditional Drug Target for the Treatment of Bipolar Depression

Douglas Kondo MD
University of Utah
Controlled Pilot/Feasibility Trial of Uridine for Adolescent Bipolar Depression: A Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Michael McCarthy MD PhD
Veterans Medical Research Foundation/University of California, San Diego
Nature's Clock and Inositol Phosphates: A Treatment Strategy for Bipolar Disorder

Alessandra M. Passarotti PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago
Cognitive Intervention for Affective Impulsivity in Pediatric Bipolar Disorder

Charles L. Raison MD
The University of Arizona
Whole Body Hypothermia for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder

Michael L. Rohan PhD
McLean Hospital (Harvard University)
Treatment of Bipolar Depression in a Three Visit Protocol with Low Field Magnetic Stimulation

Katherine M. Sharkey MD PhD
Brown University
Triple Chronotherapy for Perinatal Depression

Holly A. Swarz MD
University of Pittsburgh
Pilot Study of Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy for Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

Lauren M. Weinstock PhD
Brown University
Pilot Study of Adjunctive Yoga for Bipolar Depression